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Interview of Kassandra Kernisan, Founder of Pure Violet Cosmetics

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Nijala: Hello Kassandra, could you present Pure Violet? and when did you decide to create this brand?

Pure Violet: Pure Violet is a line of 100% natural cosmetics that combines herb-infused oils, essential oils and raw butters to address skin issues such as acne, cellulite, eczema, stretch marks wrinkles and dry skin. Pure Violet also offers an aromatherapy line, a line of herb teas and an herbal hair nutrition oil.

I have been interested in healing with plants for over 10 years. Nearly 4 years ago, I completed my certification in Naturopathy and started consulting at that time. Many of my clients had eczema or children with eczema and having learned how to infuse oils with healing herbs, I started making herb infusions for my clients. The results were remarkable. As I was further developing formulas, a friend of mine approached me with the idea to start a natural cosmetics line and soon after Pure Violet was born.

Nijala: What types of products can we find in the line?

Pure Violet: Pure Violet offers herbal balms and herbal serums to address acne, cellulite, eczema, stretch marks and wrinkles. The company also has an aromatherapy line that consists of Body Butters and Mists, an herb tea line and an herbal hair nutrition oil.

Nijala: Shea butter is widely used in cosmetology. What makes Pure Violet Body Butters different from the others?

Pure Violet : What differentiates Pure Violet from a lot of the shea butter based products on the market is that we infuse all of our products with either dried herbs and/or essential oils, both of which offer therapeutic and healing benefits for the skin as well as holistically.

Nijala: Many people pay more and more attention to the ingredients of the products they use. What about for Pure Violet products?

Pure Violet: Pure Violet’s line of products is completely chemical-free. All of our products are oil and butter based, rather than water based (except for our aromatherapy mists), which makes them much easier to preserve naturally. All of our products are composed of natural oils, natural butters, herbs, and vitamin e.

Nijala: Are Pure Violet Products also indicated to children?

Pure Violet: Yes, definitely. Our products are very safe for children, although not specifically targetted to them. I would say the product that most parents buy for their children are the Eczema balm and Eczema serum.

Nijala: In this winter season, what products do you recommend to take care of our skin?

Pure Violet: Our body butters are great for keeping the skin nourished and hydrated during the harsh winter months.

Pure Violet Nourishing Body Butter
Pure Violet Nourishing Butter with Shea Butter and Essential Oils


Nijala: Let's talk about the entrepreneurial side, how long does Pure Violet exist and what motivate you to start your business and more specifically in this area?

Pure Violet: Pure Violet has been in existence for almost 2 years. I launched a natural health consulting business 2 years before starting Pure Violet, which I still maintain today, called enVie Natural Health Solutions. I have a masters degree in business administration and worked in the world of corporate marketing for almost 8 years before deciding to go off on my own. I felt an emptiness and a desitre to do more with my skills and knowledge and to express what I was passionate about and it started from there. Once I made the decision to take the leap into entrepreneurship, things started falling into place.

Nijala: What were the main difficulties you met at the beginning of this project?

Pure Violet: Developing the line was easy. It came naturally to me. But, marketing the line was a whole other story (and I have a background in marketing). I found it very challenging to market and sell the line. I still find it challenging. Currently, my biggest challenge is limited production capacity. I’m working on a plan to expand and automate (as much as possible without compromising the integrity of the products) the production process, so I can increase volume and go after large distributors and retailers.

Nijala: The research of the funding is often one of the major challenges for most entrepreneurs. was it the case for you?

Pure Violet: I found it relatively easy to get funding for the project through amazing associations like SAJE and CEDEC. I applied for and was awarded several grants and qualified for a small business loan from Futurpreneurs Canada. I had a solid business plan, so that helped me alot.

Nijala: Do you think Montreal is favorable to entrepreneurship and which advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

Pure Violet: Yes, I think Montreal is a great city to start a business. The resources here for young entrepreneurs are numerous. SAJE, CEDEC and UIBE are just 3 of the many associations that offer help, guidance and financial grants to young entrepreneurs.

Nijala: Thank you very much for your participation and it was a pleasure to learn more about you and the brand Pure Violet. One Last thing to add?

Pure Violet: Thank you for offering me a platform to share my company and experience. I encourage everyone to explore and follow their dreams. Everything is meant to be a learning experience and you should never limit yourself. Always push and don’t be afraid to try things. You will always learn and grow from the experince.

Kassandra Kernisan, Founder Pure Violet

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