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ORS Temple Balm , Deep Treatments - Organic Root Stimulator, Nijala

ORS Temple Balm

Organic Root Stimulator

  • 1425

  • For temples, scalp and thin hair areas
  • Exfoliates clogged follicles
  • Increases healthy skin cell production
  • Stimulates and promotes circulation
  • Protects and strengthens newly emerging hair shafts
Size: 4oz
Shipped within 48H/72H

How to use the ORS Temple Balm:
Massage into scalp at thinning areas.

ORS Temple Balm Ingredients:
Essential Ingredients:
Horsetail: An herbal source of Sulfur, Silica and Cystine. Assists in the regulation of oil production. Promotes healing and calcium absorption.
Menthol: An antiseptic made from peppermint that provides soothing properties to the scalp.
Juniper: A natural antiseptic and toner used to treat skin and scalp problems, and relieves inflammation.

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